Create a unique statement in your garden with Cascades Nursery

Since purchasing Cascades Nursery in 2004, Ian and Mandy McCorkindale have developed the business to reflect their shared interest and passion in the hugely diversified world of trees.

Because we are situated in the cooler climate of Batlow in the Snowy Mountains, our trees are suited to our broad customer base in the cool climate areas of Yass, Murrumbateman, Canberra, Cooma, Berridale, Adaminaby, Jindabyne and surrounding regions.

Ian is well known for his range of quality trees at Canberra Region Farmers Market every Saturday morning. He is also at Cooma and Murrumbateman on various Sundays each month. See ‘Other Stuff’ page for details. For these areas, advance orders are welcome with delivery available.

Transform your garden at Cascades Nursery

Our extensive range varies IN SIZE from the smallest through to the biggest of trees. We start at some Maples or the perfumed Wintersweet which grow to only 2 or 3 metres tall. We also offer Lilacs and other Maples reaching 3 to 4 metres tall, and ‘Kiwi Sunset’ Zelkova and the exquisite Filicifolium Maple at 5 to 6 metres. At 8 to 9 metres, we can provide the ever hardy Robinia and Gleditsia – both perfect shade trees. Our largest are Elms, Oaks and Sequoias for the ultimate ‘Big Tree’.

Prices are not included on our website because of the ever-changing nature of this business. However, if you email or telephone, we will be only too happy to quote on any size job, large or small – even one tree needs a home!

Rare Trees also vary in size from Witch Hazel (2 to 4 metres) to a range of Styrax Snowbell Trees, the delicate Chinese Maple Acer pentaphyllum (6 metres ) to Japan’s magnificent beauty the Katsura (10 to 12 metres) and the Dawn Redwood (15 metres and more) whose history is similar to our Wollemi Pine.

Colourful Showoffs include several Crab Apples, Crepe Myrtles, Lilacs, flowering ornamentals such as Versicolour Peach, Cheales Cherry and Manchurian and Bradford Pear, to name a few. Also in this genre are the flowering Robinias in pink and lilac, Laburnum in yellow, dark burgundy Camellia ‘Night Rider’and Amelanchier with spectacular spring blossom and autumn splendour along with tasty sweet berries.

Weepers are a spectacular feature addition in any garden. Options include Cherry, Peach, Gleditsia, Copper Beech, Golden Ash, Japanese Pagoda, Elm, Crab Apple and you can’t forget the Maples and of course there are more…

Standards are the perfect addition over a courtyard or children’s play area because rather than ‘weep’, they branch horizontally from around 1.8 to 2 metres up the trunk. Among others, choices include the double white Mt Fuji Cherry, Standard Crab Apple or Frosty Elm.

Commons include Claret Ash, Silver Birch, Manchurian Pear, Sycamore Maple, London Plane, Japanese Maples, Ornamental Plums and a variety of poplars.