About Us

Cascades Nursery in Batlow is situated at 800 metres elevation on the western side of the NSW Snowy Mountains.

Our business is UNIQUE IN THE RETAIL NURSERY INDUSTRY in that we do not solely buy and sell plants. Much of what we sell, we actually grow. What we don’t grow, we source locally or from similar climatic regions, further growing them in the sun, wind and frost to ‘harden’ and acclimatise them to our customers’ growing conditions.

This allows us to be price competitive and to carry a broad range of trees, the variety of which you will rarely see in any single retail outlet.

We are proud to be able to recommend and provide a tree for every spot, with expert advice to match.

Trees are available as youngsters in 20 cm pots, right through to semi advanced and advanced sizes. Our largest containers are still portable, able to be handled without needing to hire specialised machinery for transportation and / or planting.