Choosing a Tree

Trees growing in a range of heights and widths, thus creating a variety of shapes. Some trees grow in a dense form. This means that although they are not tall, they occupy precious space in a garden whose owners don’t have either the time, energy or knowledge to prune them. There are other trees which grow in a more tall and open shape; they easily provide shade, while only the trunk occupies personal space in the garden. Choosing a tree involves consideration of many factors including height, width, density and colour as well as the overall shape.

Foliage colours include shades of green, blue green, golden yellow and a range of red to bronze tones. Autumn colours vary from spectacular reds and burgundies to orange and through to golden yellows. Some species exhibit many colours at the same time during their autumn show. The unexpected vibrant bright pink tones of the Katsura are an autumn delight. When planning or adding to your garden, consider the colour palette to be viewed from your lounge / bedroom / kitchen windows.