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Cascades Nursery Family Business

Cascades Nursery is a family run tree nursery based in the cold climate region of Crookwell NSW at 1,000 metres elevation in the Southern Tablelands. It doesn't get much more cold or windier than this (we breed our plants tough!).

Originally started in 2004 by Ian and Mandy McCorkindale in Batlow NSW, we became the custodian of their rare and popular trees when they decided to retire after attending markets for over 18 years. Cascades Nursery has grown enormously over this time and they are well known for their extensive range, great prices and expert knowledge.  

Cascade Nursery


We are honoured to carry on their legacy.

Ben O'Brien & Sarah Power are the new owners of Cascades Nursery which has became an expansion of Kilchurn Trees, Ben's rare tree nursery. Ben's passion for trees has been growing over the last decade which Sarah considered a hobby... However she realised this was becoming serious when seeds were starting to accumulate in her fridge and baby tree plants were multiplying in the laundry.

As the family home started to become overrun with plants and Ben's two daughters were no longer able to ride their bikes in the yard without knocking down trees, Sarah finally resigned herself to the fact that they were starting a tree nursery.

A life of family and trees has been their priority ever since. 

Read more about Ben and his passion for rare trees as featured in About Regional. 


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About Our Trees & Plants

We are unique in that we do not solely buy and sell plants. We love to grow! Our rare and hard to find trees are our passion and we take great care in locating the best source of seed which we then take the time and care to grow ('harden') which we sell as seedlings or in more advanced pots. 

What we don't grow from our own seed source, we source from similar climatic regions, which we then grow in our growing nursery in Crookwell NSW - known for high elevation sun, harsh frosts and racing winds. Your new Cascade Nursery Tree is ready for your cold climate garden or property! 

Trees are available as seedlings, right through to semi advanced and advanced sizes. Our largest containers are still portable, able to be handled without needing to hire specialised machinery for transportation and/or planting.

While we specialise in rare and hard to find we thoroughly enjoy our more popular ranges. Browse our full range and discover your next forever tree or plant.

If you have a larger project in mind please feel free to get in touch as we can source large quantities at a great price.